This is a page mainly dedicated to bands I grew up with during the 90’s. There was some great stuff happening & I haven’t forgotten about it and ‘moved on’. People post music up over the internet all the time but I’d like to delve a little deeper & get some of the rarer stuff out there (live, demo, 7″‘s). If anyone objects to any audio posted here then get in touch & I can take it down. If you wish to contact me for information/questions/requests then please do so here:

Thank you


9 Responses to “About”

  1. mike said

    yo pete, class page….

    the images are fucking cool man

    really got into recorded punchcutter


  2. Jack said

    Nice page Pete. Will listen to those Punchcutter tracks soon.


  3. Rob5D4 said

    Neat site!
    Don’t suppose you have the Rocket From The Crypt demo?

  4. a said

    Named after a Drive Like Jehu song, and your URL is named after a Voivod album! Nice…

  5. theKobudera said

    Killer stuff. Since you’ve been (unintentionally?) on a Chris Thomson riff lately, any chance you’ve got anything from the Monorchid? There’s supposedly a good recording from a performance on WRCT I’ve been trying to track down for years.

  6. Seamus said

    This is my kind of blog. Great stuff!

  7. Jake G said

    Love this site! Fishwife, man, what a trip being able to hear them again. Saw them quite a lot in San Diego in the very late 80s with groups like Milestone (Milo Aukerman while he was at UCSD). Great stuff.

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