June 29, 2008

  Following on from the Bastro vs Bitch Magnet post it only seemed right to make one about the mighty SQUIRREL BAIT, especially when I could put up mp3’s of their first demo and a fat interview with Clark Johnson from 1987 discussing the origins & demise of Louisville’s finest. If you want the full story on the band read THIS excellent article on the Ear candy website.

 The first time I got to hear SQUIRREL BAIT was through a friend who had a copy of the Wailing Ultimate  compilation, this was many years ago now but I never forgot how much we’d loved ‘Sun God’. Their records always seemed impossible to comeby until around ten years back when I picked up ‘s/t’ which saw a reissue through the Drag City sub label Dexter’s Cigar. They also repressed ‘Skag Heaven’ although the ‘Motorola Clodburst’ 7″ still remains buried. Anyhow. the lineage of the ‘Bait reads like a who’s who of indie rock best depicted through this family tree. The other year I picked up a copy of an old fanzine called ‘The Pope’ which had a 13 page interview with Clark Johnson from 1987, it’s a particualr treat to read & contains the only solid piece of information I’ve found regarding track titles for their demo. I saved it out as a .pdf & it’s pretty large but… too bad! The demo features none other than Britt Walford (pre-Slint) on drums & he’s good but everyone knows Ben Daughtry destroys all. Also note, only three of these demo tracks went on to appear on ‘Bait albums the rest are raging hardcore blasts so.. ENJOY! 

SQUIRREL BAIT -interview-1987


Squirrel Bait -1- Tense/Earth Shattering

Squirrel Bait -2- Insult to Injury

Squirrel Bait -3- Black Light Poster Child

Squirrel Bait -4-The Nearest Door

Squirrel Bait -5- Rage for Life

Squirrel Bait -6- Disguise

Squirrel Bait -7- Occupant

Squirrel Bait -8- Notice When

Squirrel Bait -9- When I Fall

Edit: I was informed that there was a song missing from the demo called ‘Only Silence is Golden’. I’m grateful in that this track was then emailed to me so I could share it here along with this information regarding the missing song: ‘My memory is poor, but as I recall “Only Silence Is Golden” was recorded for the “Nearest Door” album, but omitted later because of disagreement over how to play the song in the studio. David won; Clark sat the song out, David overdubbed the bass part later, and as there was some lingering bitterness over the issue, the song was left off the album. Please take all of this with a grain of salt as I heard this 2nd hand and many years ago.’


I was just sent an an email by a guy AL who ripped this demo tape (received from David Grubbs himself) at 320kbps and removed some hiss. He believes the versions above sound sped up and I have no reason to disagree cos his rip sounds FUCKING AWESOME! much man love for this legendary deed


16 Responses to “SQUIRREL BAIT”

  1. j weber said

    Great find! This band rocked my midwestern summer of 86

  2. earthdog70 said

    Thanks for this, I have a recent email from Mr. Grubbs that states that #3 was originally called “Tiger’s Whiskers.” Hope to see a full live set from SB one day, I have 3 tracks of unknown orgin so I know they exist!

  3. Clav said

    I can’t thank you enough for this stuff! I’ve been trying to find more stuff on these guys forever.

  4. Dave said

    c’mon doucebags, by now you’ve got enough money to get back together and give us one modern video of you all in a room somewhere playing this shit again. you know we love you. do it for the underground fans.

  5. HG said

    I can’t thank you enough for posting all this. It’s a tragedy that they are so unknown to the masses.
    I really hate to ask this, but could you please repost “Only Silence is Golden”? That would be awesome.
    If you can’t I understand, thanks for posting the demo!

  6. killingtechnology said

    No problem at all HG
    It’s been re-upped, I need people to tell me where there are dead links.

  7. HG said

    Thank you much! That track is absolutely killer. Has an interesting story behind it too, even if it may not be true.


  8. Fred said

    Please, could you re-up “Only Silence Is Golden”?
    The link is dead !

  9. Jeff Israel said

    Yes, double please re-up Only Silence is Golden, knowing there’s another Squirrel Bait track out there that I haven’t heard is driving me nuts.

    Thanks for all the other stuff, by the way, it made my night.

  10. Jeremy said

    While it wasn’t exactly a reunion, I watched David Grubbs and Will Oldham duet on Sun God live in Zurich (not 100% sure, but I think it was Switzerland) about a dozen years ago. It was awesome.

  11. Alfredo Pangue said

    Hello, link was deleted, please re-upload.

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