Following on from the last post I figured it may be beneficial if somehow people can get more info on certain bands. In particular there are barely any traces of Three Studies for a Crucifixion, none that I can find anyway. This is as much as I know: the band was from Columbus, OH and existed between 94-99. They seemed to only release split records (Coleman, Harriet the Spy & Melt Banana) and this demo from 1994? There were a few comp tracks, most notably the Amnesia compilation on Ebullition. The style was very in keeping with the ‘modern hardcore’ sound of the mid 90’s. Queues here taken from labels like Gravity, Gern Blandsten, Vermin Scum, Old Glory etc. Anyhow, check out this 5 track demo (no titles) and see what you make of it:



 Just a quick blast here… This split 7″ between Harriet the Spy and Three Studies for a Crucifixion was released in 1997 on Donut Friends. Harriet the Spy came from Kent, OH and made something of an arty post hardcore racket. In fact this recording sounds like something Vermin Scum would’ve released around that time, and probably would’ve if they were a Baltimore band. Three Studies for a Crucifixion were from Columbus, OH and I always thought they had an excellent choice of bandname. Three Studies sound like they would’ve fitted in well on Gravity, and probably would have if they were from Southern California. 



 I just checked out what members of each band were doing now. One guy (guitarist) from 3 Studies plays in a band called Dead Sea who I have never heard of before now but shall be checking out further. Teeth of the Hydra I have heard before, they feature Jamie Stillman on drums and I think the vocalist from 3 Studies. Post Party of Helicopters Stillman plays with new band Drummer. This split 7″ is packaged in a screened manilla envelope with glued picture on the back, something of the ’emo’ prerequisite at the time. Although this record can be pinpointed of the era it comes across as uncontrived and is an honest statement for both bands. Records like this just never happen anymore, so have a quick reminder of twelve years ago hardcore.