It would be safe to say that CIRCUS LUPUS along with NATION OF ULYSSES & JAWBOX headed a definite progression for Dischord at the start of the 90’s. During the 80’s it can be said that D.C. bands were consistantly setting the benchmarks/trends within hardcore. Although with band’s like CIRCUS LUPUS this type of ‘post hardcore’ was running in unison with the Midwest Touch & Go bands. The same can be seen with JAWBOX aligning themselves with the AmRep scene (Tar, Helmet). I think what I’m trying to say is that there was a greater distance between the more insular D.C. scene of the 80’s & the crossover seen in the newer wave of 90’s post hardcore.

 ‘Tightrope Walker’ was the bands first 7″ on Cubist productions and most probably comes from the excellent 1990 Demo while their base was still in Madison, WI. ‘Pacifier’ is from the Lever 7″ compilation on Simple Machines released in 1991. ‘Heathen’ is from the split picture disc 7″ (Dischord/Skene) with Trenchmouth released in 1992. The ‘Pop Man’ 7″ was released on Dischord in 1992 after ‘Super Genius’ & ‘We are the one’ is an Avengers cover and was recorded a few weeks before the ‘Solid Brass’ session. Not included here is the version of ‘New Cop car’ recorded in 1992 from the Compulsiv 1 7″ compilation released on Compulsiv music. If anyone has an mp3 of this track please leave a link, I’d love to hear it.



February 19, 2010

  Between Monorchid and Wrangler Brutes there was Skull Kontrol, the perfect transitional point between demented punk and demented hardcore. Like any band featuring Chris Thomson on vocals there is an unhinged angle that sets it apart from most comparisons. Thomson in some ways is the Washington D.C. post hardcore equivalent to Mark E. Smith. Belligerent & poetic it is an excellent compliment to the band’s trashy punk rock attitude. This recording was made in October 1998 but I have no clue as to where? The set is made up of tracks that would appear on ‘Deviate…’ and ‘Zzzz’. Excellent: