KING FACE were a band that never particularly caught my attention. Someone copied me a tape years ago that had their self titled 12″ on it & I never gave them a second thought. In my quest for the holy D.C. family tree I reinvestigated knowing only that Mark Sullivan (vocalist) was Bobby Sullivan’s brother, the two later joining together in SEVENS. If you like this 7″ and also need stuff by SEVENS you can still buy it all here, I recommend them all highly and it’s great Akashic still sells them. This 7″ is a one off as they reformed briefly in 1997, shame because I’d love to hear an album of this kinda stuff… awesome soulful D.C. rocking.



SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS were the band that Bobby Sullivan sang in between SOUL SIDE ending and RAIN LIKE THE SOUND OF TRAINS forming (so approximately 90-92). If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know I’m a big fan of RLTSOT/SEVENS and that end of the D.C. spectrum. I’m not sure where the other guys in this band came from but they blend together punk, funk & reggae quite nicely. They only released one 7″ and a CD which also includes the two single tracks. If you like BEEFEATER, KING FACE or BAD BRAINS then give this obscure piece of D.C. history a shot:


 I’ve had this EP (their final recording) for a long while, and it was my first exposure to the funkier/jazzier direction of mid 90s D.C. post hardcore (Sevens, The Sorts, K454). Describing this style in words everything points to ‘avoid this band’ but RLTSOT manage to effortlessly fuse this tighter,funkier approach with an aesthetic very much in line with hardcore. If it was any other band this just wouldn’t work but with a pedigree of ex Verbal Assault, Beefeater, Soulside etc. then surely the results are a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, nothing remains in print… everything bar this release was a Dischord half number and once those things are all gone they never come back. I think this EP is my favourite release but it’s really all excellent, I just fuckin’ love this shit! Click image to DL.

rain like the sound of trains

Forgot I had a live RLTSOT set + the demo. DL links fixed:

rain like the sound of trains – live in poland , poznan 20.09.1994