It would be safe to say that CIRCUS LUPUS along with NATION OF ULYSSES & JAWBOX headed a definite progression for Dischord at the start of the 90’s. During the 80’s it can be said that D.C. bands were consistantly setting the benchmarks/trends within hardcore. Although with band’s like CIRCUS LUPUS this type of ‘post hardcore’ was running in unison with the Midwest Touch & Go bands. The same can be seen with JAWBOX aligning themselves with the AmRep scene (Tar, Helmet). I think what I’m trying to say is that there was a greater distance between the more insular D.C. scene of the 80’s & the crossover seen in the newer wave of 90’s post hardcore.

 ‘Tightrope Walker’ was the bands first 7″ on Cubist productions and most probably comes from the excellent 1990 Demo while their base was still in Madison, WI. ‘Pacifier’ is from the Lever 7″ compilation on Simple Machines released in 1991. ‘Heathen’ is from the split picture disc 7″ (Dischord/Skene) with Trenchmouth released in 1992. The ‘Pop Man’ 7″ was released on Dischord in 1992 after ‘Super Genius’ & ‘We are the one’ is an Avengers cover and was recorded a few weeks before the ‘Solid Brass’ session. Not included here is the version of ‘New Cop car’ recorded in 1992 from the Compulsiv 1 7″ compilation released on Compulsiv music. If anyone has an mp3 of this track please leave a link, I’d love to hear it.


JUNO, a band that bucked the ‘shoegaze’ trend by a good few years more inspired by the space of Talk Talk than the tremelo dives of MBV. Hard to believe its been over ten years since I first heard this band via the ‘Magnified & Reduced’ 7″. It was advertised as a mix of Squirrel Bait, Husker Du and Slint, I was sold on that alone and followed the band from then on. Their first full length was rather bleak and depressing but still gave way to moments of anguish and catharsis. To have three guitar players is rather intense and I’m not sure this works as a live recording although hear for yourself and click the image above.


 With regard to SHINER I’ve been planning a post of somekind for a long while now.  My experience with SHINER began relatively recently in 2006, I’d had them pegged as some kind of SLINT influenced post rock band and ignored them for many years. Pretty silly of me really since they have gone on to become top five. After aquainting myself with their four albums I became hooked by SHINER’s progressive form of post hardcore rock music. 



 As with any original band they are hard to categorise… too heavy to be indie, too indie to be hardcore, and so on. Most importantly they always rock and best exemplify the dense rhythm heavy Kansas City sound. I can’t think of many bands with a better rhythm section than Paul Malinowski and Jason Gerken (the second coming of John Bonham). Uploaded here is a good quality recording of the band’s final show (The Madrid Theater in Kansas City) where they plow through 22 tracks from all albums, although there is a lean towards ‘Lula Divinia’ material. Great great band, one of the best…



 This 7″ was a live soundboard recording from a gig in Manheim, Germany on December 8th 1998 part of the band’s first Euro tour with Braid. All I know was this 2 track 7″ was released on a German label (Passing Complexion records) and I probably bought it from Land of Treason distro (this info only relevant to UK people). It’s been easy to forget actually how good this band were, the playing could not be any better. As a three piece there is no room for error and I think this makes for some of J. Robbins’ finest and most interesting guitar work. DL:


  I was fortunate to see the band  in both Bradford (see photo) and Manchester during this first Euro tour in late 1998, both times were outstanding performances. Peter Moffett is criminally underrated as a drummer, the guy was the nearest thing I’ve seen to a human metronome. His tight, powerful & precise style is the crucial backbone to Burning Airlines. To get an idea of how well this band were firing see the Youtube footage.


November 23, 2008

 It’s been a while since the last major posting… I’m not going to write much here because this stuff speaks for itself.  If ever there was a band who didn’t need much by way of words it would be JAWBOX. I’d picked up ‘Grippe’ in the mid 90’s, I think it was the first time I’d even seen a JAWBOX record after being on the hunt for something. I had a major Dischord fixation at the time & this record did more than satisfy my appetite. It was also strange that a band could release albums that would sound equally at home on a label like Amphetamine Reptile or Touch & Go… and then end up on a major label! That just goes to show what a unique path they trod through the 1990’s.

 First up here are 8 tracks recorded in very early 1990, I believe there may have been another track from this session but who knows? 5 of these tracks were released on the cassette version  of the first JAWBOX 7″. The quality of the 94 live set recorded in Poland is a bit rough but still cool to hear. Unfortunately track 2 is missing since the mp3 file was corrupt when I’d transferred from an old hard drive. The flyer below that looks to be about one of the best shows I could imagine seeing, that lineup should give you a clue as to what I may post next. The D.C. set is soundboard quality & from their last short tour, after which the band sadly parted ways. The Lounge Ax set from 94 appeared on the split album with LEATHERFACE which came out as part of the Your Choice live series. 

 All in all an excellent collection of JAWBOX greatness here. If you don’t own any of their records then rectify this… Desoto bought the rights to their two Atlantic albums and made them available through iTUNES. Please also help support J Robbins’ son Callum who was diagnosed with a severe life affecting disorder, you can read more about it here and if possible make a donation.

01_tools and chrome    02_bullet park

03_beneath the wheel    04_footbinder

05_consolation    06_paint out the light

07_motherlode    08_something must break 

JAWBOX –  Live in Poland, 11-03-1994

01-ff66    03-static    04-cooling-card

05-ones-and-zeroes    06-tongues

07-cruel-swing    08-jackpot-plus

09-chicago-piano    10-motorist

11-savory    12-lil-shaver 

JAWBOX – Live at the Black Cat DC, 01-24-97

01-wont-come-off    02-mirrorful    03-68

04-desert-sea    05-nickel-nickel-millionaire

06-livid    07-iodine    08-chinese-fork-tie

09-tracking    10-mule-stall    11-reel

12-spoiler    13-his-only-trade

14-chicago-piano    15-ff66

JAWBOX – Live at Lounge Ax, Chicago 10/94

01-ff66    02-green-glass    03-tongues

04-chinese-fork-tie    05-chicago-piano    06-motorist