FISHWIFE – Ritalin

June 11, 2009


 Probably best known now as the band that gave birth to Tanner it’s not often you hear mention of Fishwife these days (if at all). Anyone with an affinity for the ‘San Diego’ style may have heard the name but not the music. While not as abrasive or dischordant as Drive Like Jehu, Fishwife are definately cut from the same cloth. The regional trademarks are all in place… the octave chords, high pitched vocals,  awkward time signatures… you know the drill by now. ‘Ritalin’ (Headhunter records, 1992) is Fishwife’s second album and was produced by John Reis and the band. They released a third but it is proving very difficult to track a copy down, if anyone here can help please get in touch? Depending on how many folks are interested in ‘Ritalin’ I may post up their first album ‘Snail Killer’ and 7″. Until then, give this fucker a spin:


Fishwife 7″ upped below… Don’t have much more info on it other than it came out in 1990 on Nemesis:

fishwife -1990- s,t 7'' fr

Lastly Fishwife’s first full length ‘Snail Killer’ from 1991.


Final album ‘Poquita Rosada Mona’ (Goldenrod 93):