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September 6, 2014


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I had totally neglected posting this… I believe it surfaced a couple of years ago but I wasn’t  aware of its existence until last year. Aside from maybe ‘Yank Crime’ demos (do such things exist??) this is the perfect thing to post here. From what I can gather this DRIVE LIKE JEHU demo is from 1990 & it contains 4 songs which would be recorded again (virtually unchanged) for their first album the following year. The formation of Jehu and the demise of Pitchfork seems to be in parallel. In Jehu, Rick Froberg also plays guitar alongside John Reis with the addition of a new rhythm section. The image is a magazine ad for the first album I had saved on my computer, click for DL

aMINATURE- Murk Time Cruiser

December 30, 2009


 aMinature, perhaps the most overlooked of all San Diego punk… unjustly so because these jams are absolutely solid. If (like me) you assumed groups such as Tanner or No Knife just fell out of the sky then you’ve never heard aMinature. Nothing much by way of information (a running theme with this blog) bar this myspace page which has the basic history but no discography info. ‘Murk Time Cruiser’ features the propulsive drumming talent of Mark Trombino, and appears to be the last thing he ever played on (this album is from 1995). It’s a really great record and mandatory listening for fans of the ‘San Diego style’, although I’d say previous album ‘Depth five Rate six’ tops this (doesn’t feature Trombino).  EDIT: saying that I think both are great, they rock equally.

This is the last posting for 2009, see you next decade for more of the same… Thanks for stopping by

 I only recently heard ‘Garden of Delights’ this year when I eventually decided to pick it up out of interest. The future Drive Like Jehu rhythm section of Mike Kennedy and Mark Trombino play on this record, making it something of a curiosity piece. Released on Vinyl Communications in 1989 it’s hard exactly to see where this kind of prog-punk fitted at the time. It’s not the easiest of listens, taking the lurching off kilter Honor Role sound and combining it with bizarre female vocals. Obviously the barrage provided the rhythm section is present but with a not so great production, luckily 2 years later we have the monumental Jehu LP to fulfil any shortcomings:


OBITS played here earlier this week, it was a excellent set of some great songs. Their playing is solid as fuck. I took my digi-recorder and captured the set, unfortunately there were a few problems with the recording of the main set so… I have decided to post their 4 song encore where they debuted 2 brand new tracks. Sound quality isn’t that great but it’s good enough if you want to check the new shit! Photo by JJ Block. Click image for DL: