BASTRO and BITCH MAGNET were two of the most short lived groups of their era to produce such an explosive form of rhythm driven post hardcore. Both bands were highly productive between 1988-1990 releasing three albums apiece, each laying the blueprint for the coming decade’s noisier brand of independent rock… or ‘math rock’ as it often became referred to.

  BASTRO  continued through until late 1991, these last recordings released posthumously as a live collection entitled ‘Antlers’ . The Peel Session uploaded below was broadcast on the 20th January 1990 & features an awesome version of ‘Ben Brown’ with live drumming. Also uploaded is the split 7″ with CODEINE which sees BASTRO doing a fairly typical blast through interspersed by CODEINE who provide the songs sparser passages. The flipside is CODEINE doing a cover version of some kind.

01 BASTRO -i-come-from-a-long-line-of-shipbuilders

02 BASTRO -extrovert

03 BASTRO -ben-brown

04 BASTRO -nothing-special-incomplete

01-codeine-a lombre de nous                                                                                              



 BITCH MAGNET  ran through until 1991 also, ending with the punk blast of the ‘Sadie’ single which is uploaded below along with the ‘Valmead’ 12″.  I’m not certain if there were two versions of the  ‘Sadie’ single as the one uploaded on the  CHUNKLET  blog (along with some live rarities) is backed with ‘Ducks and Drakes’ from the Ben Hur album. The version below has a Misfits cover track and is credited as being released in 91??? If anyone can clear this up please do. Side A of the ‘Valmead’ 12″ features the title instrumental and ‘Pea’ a collaboration with CODEINE. It’s kinda to be expected what this sounds like, I’m not the biggest CODEINE fan mind you. Sooyoung Park, BITCH MAGNET’s vocalist & bass player resurfaced in 1992 fronting the band Seam who shared the track ‘New Years’ with CODEINE.






bitch-magnet-where-eagles-fly (misfits)

BONUS! I upped the BITCH MAGNET live set from the Pyramid, NY in 1990. No link to mediafire it’s now available permanently below! This is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders, if only more had followed their lead.

01-track01   02-track02   03-track03   04-track04   05-track05  

06-track06   07-track07   08-track08   09-track09   10-track10 


Here are the permanent mp3 links for the BASTRO live Enger 6.9.1990 set &  the above photo is of a Sing the troubled beast promo poster I recently aquired.

01-pretty-smart-on-my-part   02-floating-home   03-tallow-waters

04-filthy-five-filty-ten   05-guapo   06-shoot-me-a-deer 

07-tobacco-in-the-sink   08-i-come-from-a-long-line-of-shipbuilders

09-live   10-demons-begone   11-live   13-short-haired-robot

14-krakow-illinois   15-extract   16-can-of-whoopass

17-flesh-colored-house   18-live