July 18, 2012

It’s easy for people to talk about things being ‘underrated’, it’s a term I seldom use but I’d make an exception for RIDDLE OF STEEL. ‘Python’ was this St.Louis, IL band’s first album and condenses all the best elements of rock music filtered through the ‘post hardcore’ net creating a very strong mission statement. To quote the band’s influences: ‘TRANS AM, QOTSA, SHINER, VAN HALEN, THE POLICE, ZEPPELIN, JAWBOX, SHUDDER TO THINK.’ I think by their second album ‘Got this Feelin’ they are well on the way to rival any of the above bands. Guitar/Vocalist Andrew Elstner was recruited by TORCHE in 2011 and his presence on ‘Harmonicraft’ definitely has had a solidifying effect on their songwriting. Dave Turncrantz puts in an incredible drum performance on this album before heading into instrumental territory with the formation of RUSSIAN CIRCLES. All ROS albums were released by Ascetic records who should have a site online again soon… I heard that news a year ago now, hope it gets fixed because they’ve put out some great stuff.


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