July 16, 2012

Ten years ago now there were folders kicking around of RAPEMAN rarities + a bunch of dubious quality European live recordings but I had no idea that there was a demo until recently. I’d been considering lately how much of an important band in ‘rock history’ they actually are. Not to be over dramatic but this is a band that we won’t see the likes of again. The combined creativity and power of Steve Albini, David Wm Sims & Rey Washam playing together is quite phenomenal to hear. Rapeman has a rhythm section that rivals any classic 70’s hard rock band. Although by the late 80’s filtered via post punk it is tighter, leaner & more violent… even through the tinny quality the force of sound is undeniable. I’m guessing these demo tracks were recorded in early 88? there is still a bit of a BIG BLACK hangover but the ‘power trio’ concept is nearly fully formed even in infancy. This is a great artifact of indie rock history and testament to what is capable within the limitations of guitar/drums/bass. Outstanding.

Click picture for DL


2 Responses to “RAPEMAN – Demo”

  1. katyotto said

    Do you post these as mp3s? I am having such a hard time downloading, and want to! How can I listen on a mac?

    • killingtechnology said

      If I post as mp3’s they will be embedded & won’t be downloadable…
      Are you having problems with the download time?
      There is probably an extension you can find to unzip Windows files for a Mac

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