July 15, 2012

The plan was to post this maybe a year ago now but that never came to pass. I couldn’t be bothered dealing with using Mediafire anymore for one thing. I still can’t so all folders here are directly downloadable from now on and will be available on an indefinite basis. I have long, distant memories of buying ‘Uranus’ on release and for whichever perverse reason vivid recollections of buying each record over the years. I can’t think of any other band I’ve given that much attention to… or as to when/where I was each time a new SHELLAC record was on the horizon. If ever there was a band I could ‘plot my life to’ it would be them, and it still remains many years later.

Thinking about this Shellac post I’d recently come across a clipping made from the Melody Maker newspaper in 1993 (below) which was the first UK press concerning ‘Steve Albini’s new band’. The music papers here were good information sources for the pre internet world until they took a dive with the advent of Britpop. 91-94 was a good period for independent guitar music, a time I can look at with some fondness… the nostalgia occasionally creeps in but I’m not one for sentimentality.

The demos are all instrumental versions of tracks that would shortly appear on ‘At Action Park’. I’d hazard a guess that these recordings were made in late 1993? also included is a demo version of ‘The Futurist’ which would’ve been made over a year later. The recording is very live and you can very much hear the ‘room sound’. I imagine they were made at Todd Trainer’s apartment, of which you will click for the DL:

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