May 17, 2012


 So, first post of the year and it’s nearly halfway done already. I’ve been thinking about music and it’s place in my life  lately. I’ve been selling lots of records this year and it’s at the point where I barely remember what I’ve packaged up and sent off into the aether. Much of it doesn’t sound as good or important as maybe it once did. I never intended for the music I posted up here to been seen in an overly nostalgic sense. There are a few blogs out there that seem to cater to that notion of a ‘golden era’ when music was so much better. All I wanted to do was make sure some great stuff didn’t get buried because it still had something to offer (in my opinion anyway). 

 It seems that looking backwards towards one’s younger days it’s easy to be under the impression things seemed cooler. I don’t necessarily believe this to be a healthy way to live your life. I remember as a teenager seeing older punks with their UK82 getup and laughing at how they were stuck in the past, well, I don’t see how being fixated on the 90’s is any different? The past, its reanimated corpses and capacity for sellout is at an all time high. I pride myself on never having seen any reformed groups live out past victories to the consuming masses. That’s a slight fabrication because even I’ve inadvertently seen two reformed groups.

 Where this may be some peoples idea of fun, it is not mine that’s all I’m saying. If everywhere is constantly clogged with the old refusing to die how can we make any headway with the new? You need some heavy duty filters out but to be honest it is an exciting time because if you dig around you will find some fantastic releases this year alone (albeit from some bands that feature mainly dudes in their 30’s). Here’s a list of new releases from the past 6 months which I’ve been happy to spin numerous times in 2012:


PIGS – You Ruin Everything LP (Solar Flare records)

SKELETON KEY – Gravity is the Enemy LP (Arctic Rodeo)

RETISONIC – Robots Fucking LP (Arctic Rodeo)

TORCHE – Harmonicraft LP (Volcom ent)

ALARIC / ATRIARCH – Split LP (20 Buck Spin)

Seven Inches:

OTRO / THE MARSUPIALS – split 7″ (La Escalera records)

PORCUPINE – Witness to a chase scene 7″ (Self)

TIDE OF IRON / GRACE split 7″ (Superfi)

THROAT – Pee 7″ (Kaos Kontrol)

Only 100 years left til 2112. Just think in that time every band that’s ever played a note can reform.


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