.end now

July 6, 2011

 I had some reservations as to posting this or not… I’ve avoided anything relating to ‘pimping your shit’ but I’m guessing some people may be interested in hearing the band I play guitar in called .end now. Since I’m writing the riffs the music is in many ways relates to the bands I have posted here. These tracks were recorded back in September 2010 by our friend Guy in his makeshift studio. After some persuasion he finally mixed them in May 2011, we weren’t allowed to assist. All the same he did a good job and they sound pretty sturdy for the hundred quid we paid him for recording four tracks. At some point in the future we will make physical copies which will sound/look much better and include the other two tracks from that session (one is a Failure cover). Until then see what you think…





3 Responses to “.end now”

  1. Of course we want to hear your new bands you muppet 🙂

  2. roo gatsby said

    please post the Failure cover….

    …fans of silkworm?

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