THE FAITH – Subject to Change

January 14, 2011


More of a proposition than a post… I need a copy of this 12″, can anyone out there hook me up? I know there were six pressing or something stupid but you hardly see any copies of it. Hopefully it will be in Dischord’s ‘to do’ list for 2011. Released in 1983, the lineup is basically pre Embrace with Alec MacKaye on vocals not his brother. I was always one for the Void side but I think these days I’d go with The Faith, Alec MacKaye is an underated force within D.C. history… probably kinda hard to live up to a brother like Ian though! This is the last post for a while…

EDIT: Dischord reissued ‘Subject to Change + demos’ in September this year!


3 Responses to “THE FAITH – Subject to Change”

  1. Dave said

    The Faith side of the split still sucks… but “Subject to Change” is one of my favorite D.C. records of all time. Great lyrics on that record. Amazing how much better it is than the split with Void.

  2. mari salas said

    long story short…stumbled across this website. Anyway, what is the story with this Faith album? Is it out of print? Limited edition? Cuz, I own a copy. I see that Dischord reissued it. But what’s the full story?

    • killingtechnology said

      It is the last Faith recordings… a 12″, original is long out of print but Dischord reissued it with extra demo tracks yes. The original was pressed 5x in different colours, there were quite alot of them but they never turn up these days.

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