January 13, 2011

 The IGNITION lineup is probably my favourite of all D.C. bands… Alec MacKaye was in The Faith, Chris Bald (also The Faith) plays guitar here after being bassist in Embrace, Dante Ferrando was in Gray Matter & Chris Thomson played bass on the first Soul Side record and went on to sing in Circus Lupus. Apparently they played the shortest set in D.C. legend with Chris Bald smashing his guitar and amp in the first song. I had a Chris Bald 86 7″ somewhere but can’t remember what it sounded like at all? Something that caught my attention here with these 7″s was their packaging and the benchmark they appear to set for DIY hardcore sleeves on into the early 90’s (Ebullition especially). I would say they had a big effect on Vermin Scum records also, the first Ignition sleeve is a self glued paper sleeve (like the Mahpiua Luta 7″) & the second (above) looks similar to the ‘Memorial’ 7″ with the use of Oriental dragon imagery.

I bought the ‘Complete Services’ CD in the mid 90’s simply because of the label and it was cool that Dischord did those low priced CD containing two albums or an entire discography. At first I wasn’t that struck on the music but I really liked the lyrics which is usually the total reverse for me. I wouldn’t really call Ignition ’emo’ at all, the music is still punk but the lyrics are very personal and matter of fact. There are so many great lines it’s hard to pick . The ‘Complete Services’ CD is out of print but Dischord repressed the ‘Orafying Mysticle of’ 12″ last year. These two 7″s were pressed as a 12″ by Southern Studios in 1988 after the band would have toured Europe. I’m not so sure this will ever see a repress so I ripped the original 7″s, I think they are possibly my favourites out of all 80’s D.C. hardcore.


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