January 4, 2011


SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS were the band that Bobby Sullivan sang in between SOUL SIDE ending and RAIN LIKE THE SOUND OF TRAINS forming (so approximately 90-92). If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know I’m a big fan of RLTSOT/SEVENS and that end of the D.C. spectrum. I’m not sure where the other guys in this band came from but they blend together punk, funk & reggae quite nicely. They only released one 7″ and a CD which also includes the two single tracks. If you like BEEFEATER, KING FACE or BAD BRAINS then give this obscure piece of D.C. history a shot:


3 Responses to “SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS – 12 Songs”

  1. TangyTerry said

    Thanks so much for all the Rain Like the Sound of Trains, SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS, SOUL SIDE music. I thought I was only one of a few that understood their genius. It’s nice to hear Bobby Sullivan voice again. Thanks.
    Tangy Terry

    • Mike Press said

      Seven League Boots was forned in Boston while Bobby was at Boston University. We recorded all of our stuff at Inner Ear . THERE ARE TWO 7 INCHES AND A FULL RECORD.
      Mike Press

  2. Garciadann said

    7 League Boots were the best live band in Boston duting early 90’s. Drummer Mike Press is making music out in Cali.Bow Thayer on guitar is blazing a trail of amazing albums with a couple of his own bands Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck and BT & Holy Plow. PTW last cd was in top 40for over 5 months and best of month ,critic pick.Levon Helm and Morpine Sax player Dana Colley played on his 2006 cd.Mike &Bow put on the Tweed River Music Fest in Vt each summer also. for more info the site even has Mike & Bow’s Elbow cd ‘s

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