GORE – Peel session 29/11/1988

December 24, 2010

 GORE were a Dutch instrumental 3 piece formed in 1985 who released three albums before disbanding in the late 80’s. I’m sure many people have been duped (myself included) by their 90s output which was a totally different lineup, the bass player being the only original member. I don’t really know what to say about the 90’s stuff other than that nothing touches the 80’s output. They released a split live LP with Rollins Band in 1987 when the two bands toured throughout Europe together. This union led to Rollins using Theo Van Rock to do his live sound and he basically became a fifth band member. That record features the track ‘Arena’ which wasn’t on any album, neither was that live side on the Southern Lord reissue. I guess the Peel sessions couldn’t be licensed either which is a shame. There were three of them broadcast during 87,88 & 91. The material here is compromised of four tracks from ‘Mean Man’s Dream’, strange that they didn’t try anything from ‘Wrede’ at this point. Another little piece of interest is the band Bohren und der club of Gore added the ‘of Gore’ in tribute to these Dutch masters. The first two albums do their best to meld Black Sabbath, Black Flag & Big Black. Worship this band.


3 Responses to “GORE – Peel session 29/11/1988”

  1. roo gatsby said

    unbelievable. thank you for posting these peel sessions. very very special recordings. cannot thank you enough. thank you. thanks.


  2. Wahnfried von Mannteufel said

    00’00 Axe Of Revenge
    05’33 Loaded
    09’22 Mean Man´s Dream
    13’20 Chainsaw

    Track #1 is from the Hart Gore Album 1986
    Tracks #2-4 are from the Mean Man´s Dream Album 1987

    The Session was recorded on the 27th October 1987 and aired 15th December 1987.
    THX for making it available!

    The live recordings from the Split-LP with henry rollins can be downloaded here:

    Like GORE fan page on Facebook:

  3. Wahnfried von Mannteufel said

    here´s another GORE archive to download.
    The archive contains:

    GORE Peel Session 29.11.1988
    01 The Breeding
    (Track 02 The Garden Of Evil is missing =( )

    GORE Peel Session 09.07.1991
    01 Rustproof Rape
    02 Waste Taste
    03 Treat
    04 No Respect


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