BLIND IDIOT GOD – Sawtooth EP (1989)

December 23, 2010

BLIND IDIOT GOD began in St. Louis, MO and released a demo tape  in 1984 which I would kill to hear. They relocated to NYC around 1986 and released their debut LP for SST a year later. There are a number of odd reference points for this instrumental 3 piece: Bad Brains circa ‘I Against I’, a huge dissonant Killing Joke guitar sound, Igor Stravinsky inspired lines… A nod to P-funk is given here with their take on Funkadelic’s ‘Alice in my fantasties’. A strange infusion of dub is usually present and remains a constant throughout their albums. The ‘Sawtooth’ E.P. contains 3 tracks from the ‘Undertow’ album + ‘Purged Specimen’ written by (and featuring) John Zorn. Blind Idiot God has got to be one of the coolest band names ever:


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