December 21, 2010

 WARHAMMER 48K split up a few years ago in 2006 I think? They released this mini album type thing called ‘Uber Om’ recorded by Vern Rumsey in 2005. There was also a full length called ‘An Ethereal Oracle’ which came out a year later. In its most basic terms imagine Zeni Geva playing Unwound songs. If you like either band you will like this:


2 Responses to “WARHAMMER 48K – Uber Om”

  1. SLUGGO said

    Don’t ferget the 2nd album, Ethereal Oracle, out on Permanent Records in Chicago. There is a rumoured show they may be playing in Chicago in summer

  2. javier said

    they broke up?!?!?! fuck that’s bad news. i hope it’s just a rumor ‘cos i need more of them…

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