HALLRAKER – Sessions 7″

December 18, 2010

 HALLRAKER were a Massachusetts area band existing from 96-98 playing up tempo skate punk influenced by Black Flag, Swiz, Bad Brains, Decendents, Bl’ast! etc. They released this, their first 7″, a full length CD and the She 7″. I have the She 7″ also but the Sessions 7″ is my favourite, you put it on and it just feels good to hear. I would love it if more bands played like this these days, it’s a very honest straight up fun type of hardcore. If anyone can hook me up with the Sike CD it would be greatly appreciated, I only ever saw it reviewed in Second Nature. The same label Ellington released the Converge 5″, I sold that some years ago but I’m glad I never parted with this 7″.


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