STILLSUIT – At the Speed of Light CD

December 15, 2010

 My interest in STILLSUIT was a total coincidence, one night in the mid 90’s John Peel played the track ‘Foot Pain’ from the ‘Green Spock Ears’ EP. There was a label in the UK at the time called Hipster who licensed the EP over here. I think they pressed a TRIAL record and the first KEROSENE 454 LP although I can’t be certain as I never saw copies. They were also lining up releasing some GIANTS CHAIR, it gets very hazy beyond that. Anyhow, the music was quite unlike anything I’d heard before but 100% hardcore.

 Coming from NYC the QUICKSAND/HELMET/UNSANE influence goes without saying but STILLSUIT had talent way beyond their years. I believe they were only around 18-19 when they recorded the follow up ‘At the Speed of Light’. With regard to NYHC it was never something that particularly interested me but after hearing BURN, SHIFT, DIE 116, QUICKSAND etc it was a different matter. During the mid 90’s New York had a more a progressive outlook, songwriting & musicianship were the strengths. In the 90’s, Don Fury created a distribution deal with TVT Records for his studio label, Building Records. He signed STILLSUIT and recorded ‘At the Speed of Light’, you can still find it for cheap on Amazon. His production has always been rhythm heavy, the kick and tom sound are especially loud to the point of being overblown. I think a personal favourite of mine would be the BURN 7″ which he recorded, ‘muscular’ would probably be a good adjective. I dug up and scanned an interview with the band from 1996. I’m not sure why the band broke up there are no real clues here:




 Click image for DL:


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