THE CHAMPS – I & First 7″

December 9, 2010

Once upon a time there was a band called THE CHAMPS. Before the ‘FUCKING’ they sounded slightly less metallic but played the same songs. I have been waiting for an opportunity to post the ‘Triumph of the Air Elementals’ demo for a long while. Suprisingly it’s not really in circulation & nobody posts about it. The same goes for their first 7″ released on Galaxia in 1994, so I ripped this also. I’ve just been listening to it trying to figure some things out. Side one is ‘Some Swords’ although it sounds less metal than the ‘Air Elementals’ version. Side two is ‘Andres Segovia interests me’ and what I believe to be ‘Eat My Fuck’ which is just backwards guitar leading into ‘I love the spirit world and I love your father’ which they rerecorded on IV.

The flyer above was inside the 7″ and it would be something of a show to see them and Golden play together. On the subject of Golden I recently managed to pick up two other 7″s which I had no idea existed until now. I once witnessed the sheer live power of the Fucking Champs and once they start up the rock cannot be stopped. I know it seems to be the thing for an instrumental band to have ‘witty’ track titles but The Fucking Champs have some of the best. This obscure  humour is also shared by Trans Am, who have a similar outlook and whose new album ‘Thing’ I cannot stop listening to.  


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