GEIGER COUNTER – Ekranoplan 12″

December 8, 2010

Something of an obscurity here… this 12″ was released in 1999 and followed up by a 7″ in 2000 (haven’t heard that one). When delving for some info about this band I came across a ten year old review I had written for the Collective Zine. I’d completely forgotten even writing these reviews, it was a ‘blast from the past’ put it that way. Anyhow here’s the GC review:

‘I have no other previous knowledge of this band other than that they supported American Heritage on their European tour. Well, I’m really glad I got hold of this record because it’s one of the best things I’ve heard by a British band since the Bob Tilton LP. These two songs were recorded by Bob Weston at Southern, and the production job is amazing … completely fluent, fully capturing the instrumental complexities. “Caspian Sea Monster” and “Spasatel” are both sprawling diverse instrumentals which bring to mind elements of Don Caballero, Rodan and Bastro’s energy level, mixed with a mild DC influence.’

There was this response from band member Jon Meade:

‘Hello Pete…this is Jon from Geiger Counter (well, all these years later)
I don’t know when you wrote this but you may enjoy a little information..Firstly, thanks for the kind words about the record. I was moved to put this record together after watching a Channel 4 documentary about these Russian and my co-writer Jason took a side each to develop a composition inspired by two of the largest ekranoplans, namely the track titles. We wanted to capture the grace, sheer brute nature, scale and pace of these planes that would fly 10metres above sea level…Bob was a genius, and we recorded and mixed in a day at Southern. Lots of fun..!’


One Response to “GEIGER COUNTER – Ekranoplan 12″”

  1. Tony said

    I have this record buried in a box in my loft. I remember seeing them supporting American Heritage at the Free Butt in Brighton. They were completely rock solid. Shame it’s not easy to find much about the band or hear it online.

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