December 7, 2010

 Information on this band is scarce to the point of non existent. This 7″ was the only thing they released and came out on Vermin Scum records in 1998. It was recorded by Juan Carrera, sound wise it could fit in quite easily on Slowdime records with it’s instumental post Hoover vibe. I hope the increase in posts in the past two weeks has turned up some interesting stuff for people?  The Theory of Ruin 7″ and Today is the Day 7″s have been re-upped.


6 Responses to “THE FRENCH MISTAKE – 7″”

  1. joe martin said

    what would you like to know about us? I was in both lineups.

  2. I remember this record but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it. Regardless, its pretty good. Definitely hear the Hoover thing but sounds in general like a lot of stuff I remember from that period, Engine Down comes to mind. I love these random records that still hold up 12 years later.

    • joe martin said

      funny you mention engine down. Keely got us another show when we played in savannah at a restaurant he worked at. What makes it so memorable is that i hadn’t slept in 2 days and we opened for a string quartet.

  3. joe martin said

    Welp… We first started out as 4 piece, Michael Boarmen, Jeff Donaldson, Paul Neidhardt and myself(Joe Martin). We played mostly in b-more but did a few stints on the east coast. In our live shows we’d occasionally have 8mm films and slides of the bombing of pearl harbor. We recorded another 6-7 songs with Juan but they were never mixed or put out. Shortly after a week tour we broke up for a year or so. We then got back together as a 3 piece minus bass and played a couple shows in baltimore. We recruited Greg Duncan(Broadcast Seeder)on bass and Mike Haleta(Cutter/Hammer)on 3rd guitar. you might say”3rd guitar that’s crazy” it was. crazy good. We played for about a year doing some shows in NJ and DC but mostly playing B-more. Then broke up again. I have a ton of 4 trk and live recordings of this group as well as a you tube page you can check some of it out at.
    jeff Currently plays as Notendo doing visual art and 8 bit music.
    Mike Haleta and his with Dawn do Backbreaker/neckbrace with visuals and music.
    Michael Boarman is wrapping up his masters and writing screen plays.
    Paul Niedhardt usually does solo or group percussion performances under his name and has also been listed as playing”friction.” I’ve seen him do it and it’s pretty wild.
    Greg and I play in a band called Northernmost who are still kicking around b-more.
    i’m also playing in a band called Slowbull with Tonie Joy and expect to have our first show in the coming months.
    Thanks for posting the record.

    • Daring Hawk said

      I am very happy this 7″ has been uploaded. I always thought of this band (1.5 version) as more ‘free jazz’and not post punk or whatever. Style was kinda all your own. I would really like to get a hold of that unreleased recording. I heard Haberdasher had unreleased stuff and possibly a “This Heat” cover?

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