December 6, 2010

CHARM CITY SUICIDES… more Baltimore punk rock circa late 90’s early 00’s. In doing a bit of backup here the term ‘mysterious guy hardcore’ comes into play. From what I am led to believe it’s origins, much like ’emo’ or ‘power violence’, are somewhat tongue in cheek. Needless to say hardcore has always been very trend orientated, it’s all cyclical but I think it is now more the sign of a post modern vacuum. Picking elements from the past 30 years and turning them into a bland mush in my opinion adds very little to progressing hardcore into this next decade. When style becomes an aesthetic it is easy to be co-opted into an image; that being deliberately limited releases (vinyl/tape), a lofi black metal vibe, power electronics imagery & early 80’s hardcore attitude ie: Void, Black Flag, Flipper. You could say it has become a stylistic checklist or a subtle marketing scheme. Nothing new under the sun anyway but YOUTH ATTACK rereleased the CCS Vermin Scum LP back in 2002 on CD. I’m guessing here but lofi recordings, photocopied sleeves & limited pressings were just DIY punk rock when CCS were doing this ten years ago. I’m just seeing an Emperor’s new clothes thing happening here and it’s mostly style with little substance. Image below is for the album, the 7″ just has a small green stamp with the title:


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