THE FUSES – Slamdance Cosmopolis 7″

December 3, 2010

 THE FUSES were a Baltimore punk band that existed from 1997-2005 although apparently they went on hold from 2002. There were a number of 7″ releases and three albums, this is their discography. Bands that usually crop up when THE FUSES are mentioned would be PROLETARIAT, WIPERS, MISSION OF BURMA & WIRE. If WIPERS were to the HOT SNAKES, then MISSION OF BURMA are to THE FUSES. It’s a crime that this band got virtually no recognition & have faded into obscurity. I don’t think Slamdance Cosmopolis released anything else other than a 7″ by LE SHOK. This FUSES release came out in 2000 and has something of a packaging innovation… there is track pressed directly onto the 7″ cover! I’ve never seen this before but it’s an awesome idea. It’s like a flexi so you’re only getting a handful of plays before it disintegrates. The track is a cover of the British new wave band FASHION from 1979… and it is indeed ‘fucking great’:


2 Responses to “THE FUSES – Slamdance Cosmopolis 7″”

  1. Hank said

    This is indeed a fine 7″ by a fine band, who were ferocious live in small clubs around Baltimore and DC from 1998 to 001. (I have to say that the recording of “The Fix Was In” never really measured up to the live version, which was full of jerky guitars and start-stop rhythms.) Their last show was in spring 2007 at the Ottobar in Baltimore.

    Where did you find the photo? Photos of the Fuses seem quite rare.

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