KURT – s/t CD

December 2, 2010

 KURT were a band I first heard on the ‘For want of…’ 2×7″ compilation in 1996 I think it was now? The track ‘Franklin’ was a monolithic slab of ugly noise rock, inspired as much by AmRep bands as the newer wave of 90’s US hardcore. KURT were often mentioned along with SHOTMAKER, I don’t really think this particularly holds up. I’d say imagine the German equivalent to JAWBOX’s ‘Novelty’ album, heavy and noisy but with unexpected melody. I was unsure about posting this initially but the CD is long out of print and contains 5 extra tracks not on the vinyl. A few years back the first and second albums were reissued as a two LP set on X-Mist records, where you can still buy a copy. ‘La Guard’ the third album from 2002 was reissued in a limited run also. In my opinion that record is their best, the songs are shorter, faster and pummel from start to finish. Interview below is taken from a 2000 issue of Heartattack. Highly recommended Kraut punk:  


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