November 29, 2010

SMART ASS DYNAMITE & the new generation of destructive entertainment. This band were from Germany and released their self titled first album in 2002 (there was a follow up in 2004). This record like many other punk records released in Germnay was done by the band, usually in an edition of 250-500 copies. In this sense it is easy to overlook certain records since they are so self contained. In the lead up to going to see No Means No play it made me listen to bands like this one, KURT – La Guard, ENIAC – Au revoir, Tristesse and TEN VOLT SHOCK. All bands have a very bass/rhythm driven punk sound that is characteristic of German bands… I also put it down to more AmRep bands playing there in the early 90’s. Put simply SMART ASS DYNAMITE come closest to sounding like Jello Biafra singing for NMN (once again). This is one of the first LPs I owned that also came with a CD version inside the sleeve.


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