DON CABALLERO – Live at the Middle East 9/3/99

November 22, 2010


No new posts in a long while, to tide things over have this rather excellent live set from Don Caballero. I was digging around in an old box and came across a cd I burned in the early 00’s. I’m not sure of its origins now to be honest? The last track is a Damon Che solo outing from the drummers compilation on Monitor records. I can’t find much info on it at all but ‘Oh Suzanna’ is a total beast. In video footage from this 99 tour they’re playing as a 3 piece. For the last part of the ‘What burns never returns’ tour I believe they had Jon Fine along as second guitarist since Mike Banfield’s leaving.I have been a fan of this band for a long long time and I think Banfield was somewhat indispensable to their sound. I think this is most evident in the follow up ‘American Don’ which in my opinion is lacking something. In fact at the time it came out I recall taking offense that they made an album without him. Banfield has resurfaced in recent years in the excellent KNOT FEEDER. Click the photo above for DL and enjoy some righteous jams.


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