October 23, 2010

 Boilermaker, another superb band from Southern California… Luecadia to be precise. This CD compiles tracks from their three albums (released 94-98) plus two bonus tacks added for this 2001 release. The first song ‘Whitewash’ is much like Mineral minus ‘over rocking’, and ‘Cruel Heart’ is just different. Before the sad passing of Terrin Durfey in 2008 (Singer and bass player for the band) he was also involved in The Jade Shader who released an awesome EP in 2005. The bass playing is similar to Three Mile Pilot in its denseness but the melodies and emotive drive shine through in this band. The thing I don’t understand is how all these bands from San Diego were such good players right from the start… every band aspiring to be as tight as possible. Mark Trombino’s production compliments this approach perfectly, ‘In Wallace’s Shadow’ being their standout album. I miss the days of bands like this before ’emo’ became a word in opposition to honesty and integrity, anyhow:


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