SWIVELNECK – Cry Cry baby

September 19, 2010

It’s rare that I ever get requests… in fact I can only count two in the entire time this blog has been running. I’ve been trying to post the 2nd album by Creedle but for whatever reason (too many tracks indexed?)  it just cannot be ripped, shame but I’ll try and get back to it at some point. I’d linked this Swivelneck album in the comments of some post for a DYC reader who has helped me out on occasion. It’s only fair that it gets proper inclusion because ‘Cry cry baby’ (awful title) is another chunk of goodness for anyone interested in San Diego or Headhunter records punk rock. Swivelneck float somewhere between later Fishwife and maybe early No Knife. The album is nicely recorded thanks to Mark Trombino and you should probably give it a listen:  


One Response to “SWIVELNECK – Cry Cry baby”

  1. Лео said

    holy shit, I can’t believe it. I’ve been waiting for 13 years to listen to a Swivelneck record… and here I find it by a random chance. the universe works in mysterious ways indeed.

    thanks a lot for this!

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