September 8, 2010

 It’s been a while since the last post and whereby I haven’t run out of things to put out there… it can take time collecting various things together but the end result is always worth it. Anyhow, in the meantime I was sent an email from the band PORCUPINE who came across the aMinature post. It transpired that John Lee (aMinature guitarist) was contributing to the band’s new recordings and would I like to hear their CD ‘The Trouble With You’. Now most people who follow this blog will know that I don’t feature contemporary bands, maybe in the future I will do so more often. I have never seen myself as a tastemaker or anything other than a fan of obscure, forgotten 90s bands… In this sense I have never until this point been approached by a new band. They kindly sent some bits and pieces for me to check out.

 Before Porcupine the guitarist and bassist were in a band called Space Bike from 94-98, for this reason it is fair to say they fit the DYC remit. Space Bike were from Wisconsin but their sound falls in line with the San Diego punk sound such as aMinature or No Knife.  Anyhow I need to talk about Porcupine. I have had the CD on a number of times now and they have crafted a very new take on their Midwest sound in that the rhythm section is incredibly forceful leaving the guitar and vocals plenty of room to counter. The song structures are very dynamic and extremely well written and played. All the tracks are upbeat and catchy in a non typical way, it’s hard to pick a favourite because the whole thing is nailed start to finish. It’s hard to compare this to other bands because it is definitely unique… I’d say the sheer rock power of MN band Houston, the shoegazey moments of maybe KC’s Dirt Nap, the straight ahead drive of Tanner, the weirder side of Chavez. Basically that and a lot more classic influences. I can see that in maybe 10 years time if I hadn’t heard this band I’d be certain on extolling the virtues of  ‘The Trouble With You’. Please check them out.


3 Responses to “PORCUPINE”

  1. Matt said

    Porcupine are awesome!

  2. Scott said

    Thanks for this post. Back when I lived in La Crosse, WI where I lived for a couple years while I was in School. I would stop in to Dave’s Guitar Shop all the time and spark up conversations about past, maybe slightly obscure bands with Casey from Space Bike, and this band. I remember he mentioned bands like aMinature, Jaw Box, and Shiner. He is a really nice guy, and I somehow even managed to impress him with my knowledge of past music for my age, which at the time I was in my very early twenties. This is now a good five or so years ago now, but pretty relevant to me none the less.

  3. George said

    Where can I listen to it? I have not heard John lee aminature in 20 years and the only mention of these fugue creators is in this blog. My cassette has since melted. I need to hear.

    Please help!

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