JONES VERY – Words and Days

July 12, 2010

JONES VERY were the shortlived (89-91) band headed by former Articles of Faith frontman Vic Bondi. I’d go as far to say that this is one of the first post hardcore records outside of the SST/Touch and Go/Dischord circles. Although the early hardcore pioneers shifted into new territory at an earlier stage this is one of the first albums ‘influenced’ by the forward thinking ideas of Husker Du or Moving Targets (and the aforementioned labels). The second wave of a ‘post hardcore’ sound that was to lay the blueprints for 90’s emo.  The lyrics are still fiercly political and the music too hard hitting to be dismissed as ’emo’,  a more ‘mature’ approach but with no loss in intensity. This progression beyond hardcore’s boundaries fits with groups like Die Kreuzen, Dinosaur Jr, fIREHOSE etc. For a three piece JONES VERY whip up a shitstorm,  the guitars may jangle but then soar into a wall of guitar noise while Bondi in my opinion delivers his best vocal performance.  The production here is first rate with Lou Giordano balancing it all out to maximum effect.

Here is a short description by Jeff Goddard (was also bassist in Karate):
“Recorded at the original Fort Apache South on Norfolk St. in Roxbury by Lou Giordano, this often overlooked debut was way ahead of it’s time. The tiny tracking room with brick walls and piles of gear provided a very live sound also found on The Pixes “Come on Pilgrim” and Uncle Tupelo’s “No Depression”. Despite the chorus effect on the bass, i am particularly proud of this record. Apparently Ryan Adams also likes “Words and Days”.”

A true lost classic:


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