June 3, 2010

 There is a rip of this doing the rounds already but the quality is so horrendous I felt it a duty to do another. CHR never came to Europe so the above footage will have to make do unfortunately. I did however see Karate on their ‘Bed is in the Ocean’ tour in 98 which was great from what I remember. So here we have both bands on this split 7″ :

 ‘DC’s defiant Crownhate Ruin drill the unwary to the teeth with the tonality and conciseness of the most formulatic chainsaw. Quite the contrast to Boston’s Karate!, who aren’t afraid to dig a vibe akin to Codeine, and then give it some substance and direction. Although the current buzz about the bands has landed this 7″ in the CMJ jackpot, they’re still miles above the earth’

 – Art Monk Construction Spring/Summer catalog 1997

More sleeve images


One Response to “THE CROWNHATE RUIN / KARATE split 7″”

  1. bene said

    thanks for this! been looking for ‘Cherry Coke’ forever–takes me back to high school, but in a good way lol

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