TRAINDODGE – Emblem Corners

April 22, 2010

 Probably the best rock band of the last decade but still somehow stuck in obscurity. Traindodge (Oklahoma City, OK) pick up where Shiner’s ‘Starless’ and Giants Chair ‘Purity and Control’ left us but with a massive dose of power. Last year’s ‘I Am Forever’ was the post hardcore ‘Power Windows’ a giant, crushing and melodic masterstroke. For a three piece it can be seen how much power and dynamic is created,  just watch this live footage and see how Rob Smith’s drumming is simply poetry in motion.

Emblem Corners is a collection of miscellaneous tracks released as a small run in 2001 to which I have added the Journey, Jawbox and Naked Raygun covers. The Die Kreuzen cover was already included on this collection but wasn’t released until 2005. This is the sound of a young band but the songwriting has yet to even mature to the level of 2002’s  ‘On a Lake of dead trees’. Buy everything now on Ascetic records.


2 Responses to “TRAINDODGE – Emblem Corners”

  1. Michael said

    Nice – my record label put this out! It’s long out of print, so I’m glad it’s still getting around. I just found this site during a random Shudder to Think search. Good stuff!

  2. jonas said

    the band which has made me into a 33 year old unashamed fanboy. happy to see others out there who appreciate this band. such huge sound. ‘on a lake of dead trees’ is my favorite release.

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