SHINER – Final show 25/1/03

March 24, 2010


 With regard to SHINER I’ve been planning a post of somekind for a long while now.  My experience with SHINER began relatively recently in 2006, I’d had them pegged as some kind of SLINT influenced post rock band and ignored them for many years. Pretty silly of me really since they have gone on to become top five. After aquainting myself with their four albums I became hooked by SHINER’s progressive form of post hardcore rock music. 



 As with any original band they are hard to categorise… too heavy to be indie, too indie to be hardcore, and so on. Most importantly they always rock and best exemplify the dense rhythm heavy Kansas City sound. I can’t think of many bands with a better rhythm section than Paul Malinowski and Jason Gerken (the second coming of John Bonham). Uploaded here is a good quality recording of the band’s final show (The Madrid Theater in Kansas City) where they plow through 22 tracks from all albums, although there is a lean towards ‘Lula Divinia’ material. Great great band, one of the best…



3 Responses to “SHINER – Final show 25/1/03”

  1. Sebastian said

    I was at this show, the last of my eleven Shiner shows from across the Midwest. Don’t know if it’s apparent from the banter, but Tim Dow comes out for a few of the Lula songs. I’d only seen Gerkin drum for Shiner, but had heard everyone pine for Dow. I have to admit that he makes it look absolutely effortless. Nothing against Gerkin–by the time the Egg came out he’d toned down his stage presence and just focused on kicking ass–but seeing Dow, a much smaller guy, brutalize his kit with such precision was a thing to behold. Always mad he moved out to LA and got sucked into the Ken Andrews vortex of mediocre alt-rock. What a waste of his talent.

    Anyway, people should definitely download this and check out Lula Divinia and The Egg if they haven’t already.

  2. killingtechnology said

    Thanks for the comment Sebastian, excellent to hear this stuff. Must say that I’d go for Gerken but I never witnessed any Dow live so who knows. I know Epley says he had a leadfoot, kinda mandatory drumming for Shiner tho!

  3. boonrules said

    Thanks for this! I’ll follow this blog as long as you run it!

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