February 16, 2010

  Something of a curiosity piece since this is the first recorded band of drummer Brooks Headley. To my knowledge The Fifth Column was a short lived Baltimore punk band, recording this 7″ in 1991 which was released on Vermin Scum records. The sound is mid paced punk similar to Government Issue, quite dated now but bear in mind this was recorded nearly 20 years ago. Brooks went on to drum  in numerous influential 90s hardcore bands and his playing (especially in UOA) remains unsurpassed. Aside from being a top level pastry chef he is back behind the kit in the VoiVod shredfest that is OLDEST with Mick Barr.


2 Responses to “THE FIFTH COLUMN – Pullman 7″”

  1. Michael said

    Any chance of re-uploading this file? I absolutely loved this band!

    • killingtechnology said

      Right, just had a look…
      I must’ve lost it in a recent computer crash.
      I’ll rip it again at some stage but not sure when that will be?
      keep checking back

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