February 15, 2010

 Felt a bit umotivated to post lately but I remembered about The Convocation Of… so here are a few compiled tracks you may not have heard. Collected here is the GSL remix 12″ + track ‘Southern pass 2’ which I’m assuming is from the same ‘remixing’? It also is in a different key from the first version. ‘Solitary White Armour’ from the False Object Sensor compilation appears to be an earlier (I think better) demo version of ‘Solitaire’. The cover of  ‘Get down make love’ by Queen isn’t so great but then again I’m no great fan of Queen. Lastly ‘…Leading the weird’ from the Fields and Streams compilation released on KRS in 2002. Not included is the Gravity 7″ from last year, go and buy it. The 12″ is not ‘remixes’ in the traditional sense, more alternate mixes with more focus on certain textures.

This band dropped the ‘of…’ is now called The Convocation and laid domant for the majority of last decade. Lucky for us there is a new split LP with the band Chrissakes on the way, Tonie Joy lives on to rock.




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