January 19, 2010


 This 7″ was a live soundboard recording from a gig in Manheim, Germany on December 8th 1998 part of the band’s first Euro tour with Braid. All I know was this 2 track 7″ was released on a German label (Passing Complexion records) and I probably bought it from Land of Treason distro (this info only relevant to UK people). It’s been easy to forget actually how good this band were, the playing could not be any better. As a three piece there is no room for error and I think this makes for some of J. Robbins’ finest and most interesting guitar work. DL:


  I was fortunate to see the band  in both Bradford (see photo) and Manchester during this first Euro tour in late 1998, both times were outstanding performances. Peter Moffett is criminally underrated as a drummer, the guy was the nearest thing I’ve seen to a human metronome. His tight, powerful & precise style is the crucial backbone to Burning Airlines. To get an idea of how well this band were firing see the Youtube footage.


4 Responses to “BURNING AIRLINES – Live 7″”

  1. Carlin said

    The b-side is fantastic, and unreleased elsewhere if I remember correctly?

    • killingtechnology said

      It is fucking great like…
      And I as far as I’m aware it appears nowhere else
      although it seems familiar somehow

  2. Collin said

    Thank you for posting this! BA is one of my all time favorite bands and I’ve been trying to buy this 7″ for forever.

    The B-Side is actually NOT a Burning Airlines song, it was one of 2 songs on the Rollkicker Laydown 7″ which DeSoto Records put out just before Burning Airlines formed. Although, Rollkicker features both Robbins and Moffett, so it basically is Burning Airlines.

    Here’s a link to that 7″


    BA actually played the song quite a bit apparently, another link to a different live set including “No Voices”


    Hope that stuff helps. THANK YOU.

  3. killingtechnology said

    No worries Collin,
    Right, Rollkicker Laydown! Knew I’d heard that song before somewhere, just couldn’t place it thanks for clearing that up…

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