WOOL – 1st 7″

January 6, 2010

 L.A. by way of D.C. this band was basically a continuation of Scream with the Stahl brothers joined here by Pete Moffett (late period Government Issue) on drums and Al Bloch on bass. I believe this Little darlin/Medication 7″ (Fuck You records) is the band’s first release and was recorded by Scott Reeder (Kyuss) in 1991.  To be quite honest I do prefer Wool to Scream, the rock is more solid and honed. Even raw like these tracks you can tell there is something going on. After Moffett’s departure Chris Bratton (Drive Like Jehu, Inside Out, Chain Of Strength) played drums. Don’t know when that guy played in Jehu… maybe right at the start. Anyhow he’s good, like this:   


16 Responses to “WOOL – 1st 7″”

  1. Maurizio said

    can you re-upload please?

  2. orbis cheval said

    is there any chance you could rehost this on rapidshare or something else? i can’t access mediafire in my country. i would love, love, love to hear his. thanks xxxx

  3. killingtechnology said

    Link fixed, sorry for delay. Let me know if you have any problems DL’ing?

  4. CJ said

    hi, can you re-upload, the file for “little darlin” is broken

  5. CJ said

    also, I forgot to mention that I have 2 long out of print wool singles ripped (medication b/w marky st james + kill the crow b/w the witch). let me know if you need them, i’ll send or upload them.

  6. killingtechnology said

    7″ tracks re-upped, enjoy
    If you could post a DL link in these comments that would be awesome! maybe there will be a few others checking out this post interested

    • AHRON said

      hey i can’t get the title track for that little darlin 7″ to open for some reason, any chance for a re-up?

      • killingtechnology said

        Re-upped give it a shot, let me know of any more problems?
        Thanks again for the link CJ!

  7. CJ said

    hey thanks for re-upping that.
    here’s the DL link for the Wool “Kill The Crow” single:
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/zxmnnjd4xjg/kill the crow.zip

  8. CJ said

    Wool “Medication”/”Marky St. James” single:

  9. killingtechnology said

    Awesome man, those 7″ tracks are great! thanks again

  10. CJ said

    Just picked up Wool’s Soundcheck Song/Don’t Bother Me 7″ from ebay. I believe this is the last studio recording the band released, and here it is…

    • P said

      Hey CJ, can you reupload the “Soundcheck Song/Don’t Bother Me” 7″ — I have everything else Wool did but this. Thanks!

  11. ian said

    hello,can you please re-uplaod all off the above especially Soundcheck song,and Little darlin and marky st james.

    many thanks

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