FLUF – Waikiki

January 6, 2010


 FLUF a band that unfortunately faded into obscurity… they blended a good few styles which was maybe their downfall. Too heavy to be pop punk, too tuneful to be metal, too melodic to be grunge, you get the idea. Their sound is best described as a San Diego punk take on Sugar, Dinosaur Jr, Paw & Tad. ‘Waikiki’ was the Fluf major label outing and was recorded at Big Fish in late 1996 by Mark Trombino. I had owned a few Fluf records but sold them all a while back keeping only this one. From what I remember ‘Waikiki’ stood head and shoulders above the others for its above par songwriting and allround powerful delivery. It’s a very direct album and full of massive hooks, see ‘Pushing back days’ for example.  From what I can gather this album was reissued as a ‘bonus track’ on a more recent Fluf EP although the original shouldn’t be hard to find cheaply. Check it out:



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