aMINATURE- Murk Time Cruiser

December 30, 2009


 aMinature, perhaps the most overlooked of all San Diego punk… unjustly so because these jams are absolutely solid. If (like me) you assumed groups such as Tanner or No Knife just fell out of the sky then you’ve never heard aMinature. Nothing much by way of information (a running theme with this blog) bar this myspace page which has the basic history but no discography info. ‘Murk Time Cruiser’ features the propulsive drumming talent of Mark Trombino, and appears to be the last thing he ever played on (this album is from 1995). It’s a really great record and mandatory listening for fans of the ‘San Diego style’, although I’d say previous album ‘Depth five Rate six’ tops this (doesn’t feature Trombino).  EDIT: saying that I think both are great, they rock equally.

This is the last posting for 2009, see you next decade for more of the same… Thanks for stopping by


8 Responses to “aMINATURE- Murk Time Cruiser”

  1. Jeff Israel said

    Mediafire link is dead, any chance of a reup?

  2. killingtechnology said

    Hey Jeff, check out the reup!
    yeah Mediafire has killed a load of links lately

  3. Shawn said

    Hey, anybody out there got Depth 5 Rate 6? I cannot find it anywhere on the interwebs and it is equally unattainable at any record store. No one can order it, and if there WAS a place on the internet, I don’t have a credit card for web related transactions. So, can anyone out there help a brother out?If you like we can make an equal trade. Please please please me.

  4. Krayg said

    Thanks for the aMiniature links! You’ve done a great service, as these records are hard as hell to find.

  5. Crazy George Hickey said

    I’ve not hear this in 15 years! Can’t wait…long live john

  6. Crazy George Hickey said

    crap…never mind…download broken….just wish the tape casset i used to own did not melt in the car

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