December 4, 2009

  In relation to the 3 Studies post there is even less information here for SSW… They released a 7″ in 93 & a 12″ in 94, both for Gravity Records. They were also the post Heroin band for bass player Ron Johnson. I wasn’t that hot on this record in the past but hearing it now I like it, it’s something of the Gravity ‘missing link’. The songs are short with a chaotic urgency but well played and in a punk style very similar to Spacehorse. At the time I imagine they drew a few Fugazi comparisons (how reviewing has changed) as many things outside the conventions of ‘punk’ did back then. The vocals are heavy on the Rites of Spring influence but in the same way Torches to Rome took inspiration. For ease the cover image was scanned from the photo in the DIY Album Art book that came oput this year. If you have not seen the book yet I highly recommend checking it out. The only other bit of reliable knowledge I have is that Ron tried out as bassist for Cars Get Crushed. Paging Jeff Winterberg, please report!


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