November 30, 2009


 Following on from the last post I figured it may be beneficial if somehow people can get more info on certain bands. In particular there are barely any traces of Three Studies for a Crucifixion, none that I can find anyway. This is as much as I know: the band was from Columbus, OH and existed between 94-99. They seemed to only release split records (Coleman, Harriet the Spy & Melt Banana) and this demo from 1994? There were a few comp tracks, most notably the Amnesia compilation on Ebullition. The style was very in keeping with the ‘modern hardcore’ sound of the mid 90’s. Queues here taken from labels like Gravity, Gern Blandsten, Vermin Scum, Old Glory etc. Anyhow, check out this 5 track demo (no titles) and see what you make of it:




  1. Pete,

    Hands to the sun for this one! You should get in touch with Dennis Berendts (Black Dove/Nukehammer/Solar Funeral recs). He played in Three Studies and is still at it in a big way. Alex, last I heard, was still playing in Deadsea.

    Dennis has a great site worth checking out: as well as the Solar Funeral site.

    Hope all is well. Drop me a line and we’ll catch up.

  2. jordan said

    dude, thank you, i’ve been looking for this for a while!!

    i’m not sure if it’s on something else, but these guys have a great tune on the “benefit compilation for judi bari’s case.” on diffusion. “operation: dandelion” is the song.

  3. ryangtg said

    Jordan: doubt you’ll read this. But! “operation: dandelion” is also on the split with Harriet the Spy. But it’s a different recording.

    Here’s the version from the comp, freshly ripped!
    [audio src="" /]

  4. […] On that (side) note: here’s everything by Three Studies for a Crucifixion! It’s only their songs (not the other sides of the splits), and includes their stuff from: the split with harriet the spy, split with coleman, split with melt banana, four songs from comps, demo, live set. (Look, I used mediafire… they keep links up for a long time, right?) Thanks to Leo for for helping find these! And I got the demo from Killing Technology. […]

  5. […] Demo tape here This entry was posted in entry and tagged tunes by rgtg. Bookmark the permalink. […]

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