GOLDEN – 7″s

November 12, 2009

Gold 1

 GOLDEN, a name seldom heard since the 1990’s. I lost off after ‘Super Original Movement’ some 10 years ago now. It would appear they did another two records before changing their name to Extra Golden and playing a very different style altogether. It was easy to see early on that they had a hybrid sound that put them somewhere between The Fucking Champs, Trans Am & Don Caballero.

 According to ‘the internet’ they released an album ‘ Here comes the Golden fuzz” in 1997 on Slowdime, I’m not inclined to believe this even exists for a number of reasons… If anyone can clear this matter up, or either upload it? that would be fantastic. Golden’s s/t on Transsolar was probably most people’s intro to the band, it was something of an ear opener at the time. I’m tempted to upload more stuff but you can still buy a lot of it here, everything I have heard I can recommend highly.

 As far as I know there were only two 7″s, the first with large foldout Derek Hess artwork features two tracks recorded by Bob Weston in 1995. The second released in 1999 is a bit more obscure with what was to become a new direction with ‘Deep Skills’. In many ways similar to The Sorts but with additional dirty funk. B-side is ‘Violator’ a ZZ top tribute recorded on what sounds like a 4 track. This is a brilliant lofi tribute, with accurate solo-ing. Both weird and catchy like Trans Am.


Gold 2

EDIT: There are two more Golden 7″s which I tracked down (so 4x in total)

& at some point I will rip and zip them


2 Responses to “GOLDEN – 7″s”

  1. mietek said

    hi, a re-up would be much appreciated (the MF site does not provide the link). thanks in advance.

  2. mietek said

    thank you.
    for me, the introduction to Golden was their 2000 “Golden Summer” LP. awesome stuff.

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