T TAURI – Infinite Motion

November 1, 2009


T tauri


 T Tauri existed between 1993 and 1999 in two cities, starting out in Colorado and then moving  to L.A.  ‘Infinite Motion’  was recorded before the band split and remained unmixed until 2004.  I was watching the film Moon the other day and this would be an ideal soundtrack for losing your shit in deep space. Imagine Unwound in their bleaker moments mixed with a fuzzed out Godheadsilo dirge and that will put you in mind for some T Tauri. The arrangements are often very dense with two basses being utilised and pained yelping over the top. If you like this then please support and buy this CD for only $3  HERE




One Response to “T TAURI – Infinite Motion”

  1. Nehan said

    this has become one of my favourite albums lately. Amazing stuff. Thank you so much.

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