CARS GET CRUSHED – Blue and West

October 27, 2009




 I have been meaning to post some CARS GET CRUSHED for months but this blog runs more like creating a mix CD (or tape, if you wish to travel back in time). In this sense it may take a while until something ‘fits’, I like following a thread. ‘Blue and West’ was the 2nd album by the band, ‘Drag Explosive’ being their first which I finally got my hands on the other week (It will appear here at some point). ‘Blue and West’ was apparently to be released on Gravity but then Goldenrod picked up and put it out in 1996. Unwound often crops up in descriptions of CGC but I think that’s because they share similar dynamics and more of a melancholic delivery. They also have a bit of a ‘spacey’ element akin to a mellower Clikitat Ikatowi… I dunno, it’s hard to place but very West coast sounding like those Wrenched records bands. It’s a good album and highly recommended to fans of this style:




 After making this post I was contacted by the drummer James via the comments section below. He kindly sent 2 unreleased tracks from around the time of recording Blue and West and said they could be made available here. The ‘Untitled’ track sounds a lot like Three Mile Pilot, check it out:

CARS GET CRUSHED – Unreleased tracks


4 Responses to “CARS GET CRUSHED – Blue and West”

  1. Andy said

    Cheers for Blue & West.

    Managed to Find 2 other albums by them online as follows


  2. killingtechnology said

    Greatly appreciated Andy, awesome! Haven’t been able to find a copy of the third album for shit. It’s definitely more in a shoegaze/indie vein, as opposed to ‘Drag Explosive’ which is heavy on the ‘Tweez’ and Bitch Magnet styles. Think that’s all the Goldenrod releases I can muster at this point. Cheers

  3. James said

    Hey there, Mr. Blogger. This is James, the Cars Get Crushed drummer. I have a still wrapped third cd, Evolution to Thrust, that I would be willing to send you just for being so cool. If you have access to my email through your blog management system here, send me a message and we will go from there. So you know, there are 7 total releases from us: Drag Explosive – 1995, vinyl only, Deluxe records (owned by Mike); Deja Vu – 1995, 7″ vinyl; Blue and West – 1996, cd and vinyl, the only Goldenrod release; Invasion of the Indie Snatchers – compilation cd, very low-fi, 1996; Warped Speed – 1997, 7″; Zum #10 – a cool fan mag with a comp cd in it with one of our songs, forget which song at the moment as it’s been a while; and, Evolution to Thrust – 1999, cd only, Mod Lang records, who ended their distribution and promotion just as the cd was released, hence the trouble finding it sometimes. (We got rooked on that last one). Their is a remix of one of our songs on another recording, but it is really really bad, even though our friend made it. Sorry to sound narcissistic, not my intention. Just thought you might appreciate the info. There are also 2 unreleased songs out there that somehow ended up on the web. Peace. Cool site you got here.

  4. So glad to find this post – even if it is two years late. Cars Get Crushed were/are one of my all-time favorites. One of the first shows I ever went to was to see Cars Get Crushed in a church housed in a warehouse that was given over to the local kids to put on shows in the east bay.

    I still have the vinyls, most of which I’ve ripped and I’ve had on my iPod for years now. Really wish they had more output, but I’m happy for what exists.

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