TODAY IS THE DAY – Hydra Head 7″

September 22, 2009


  EDIT: I’d forgotten how much Steve Austin changed band lineups. The Mastodon guys were on ‘In the Eyes of God’ not this one. Unless you are a hardcore fan it’s doubtful you can really tell the two apart… although ‘In the Eyes’ is fair bit faster/tech metal orientated. If I have one regret it was not getting down to London in 1998 to see the TITD, VoiVod, Neurosis billing. I can only begin to imagine how good that would have been. Anyhow, this 7″ was released on Hydra head in 1997 and features an alternate version of  ‘The Man who loved to hurt himself’ backed with a sound collage B-side ‘Satan is alive and well’. The A-side is in my opinion a much better version than would appear on ‘Temple of the Morning Star’, there’s less layering & production and the song is played a bit more violently (I’m guessing it’s a demo version). Well that’s just my opinion, see what you think:



3 Responses to “TODAY IS THE DAY – Hydra Head 7″”

  1. Rizo Isrof said

    The provided link is broken. Could you please reupload this release? Thanks is advance.

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