COP SHOOT COP – Suck City E.P.

September 21, 2009




  So, it is my birthday tomorrow and that got me thinking about when I was younger & how this was always an opportunity for a record haul. Pretty much 80% of any money I had during my teenage years was blown on records. I still spend a good portion of my cash on music but the internet allowed focus on the things I was really set on. Making a dud purchase in my early days was quite distressing, it always meant a trade in for far less than you’d paid for it a week earlier. I can’t say much other than it taught me a good few lessons in times when buying into the unknown was a risk that could be handsomely rewarded. How times have changed, but that’s just life… who could know that people would end up experiencing music completely via Ipods?

 On to COP SHOOT COP;  ‘Suck City’ was a purchase made on my 13th birthday in 1992, I remember the day distinctly because I also bought ‘Songs About Fucking’… ahh fond memories. I’m pretty certain I’d bought ‘Consumer Revolt’ prior to this (an ‘unknown’ purchase) simply because they had two bass players and a good name. They defined what ‘industrial’ was to me at the time along with Godflesh and early Therapy? it was a much harsher avenue than RevCo, NIN, or Sheep on Drugs (hah!). But that was a long time ago, this EP still hold s up and defininitely portrays the abrasive sound of New York back then.. Unsane, Barkmarket, Helmet. They employed the ‘banging on metal shit’ sound which Skeleton Key used later on. There is more info of that period of C$C on this blog page. This was just a short bout of nostalgia which I’m not normally prone to.




One Response to “COP SHOOT COP – Suck City E.P.”

  1. Mark said

    Totally hear ya on that one. I saw them supporting Therapy? in Belfast well early nighties one of the best gigs I have been to. Therapy? went a bit pants after that tho…

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